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ByDesign offers complete Web maintenance services to help you keep your online presence up-to-date and fresh. A Web site cannot be effective if the information it contains is old or inaccurate, so ongoing maintenance is just as important as quality design.

Maintenance includes updates to content - text, images, database entries, and so on. It may include very minor changes to the site's structure and code. It does not include significant changes to the site's design, structure or coding, such as adding a new feature. Significant alterations to the site can usually be performed at a lower price by requesting a quote for the update.

There are two options available for maintenance services:

  • As-needed | No monthly or yearly retainer fees. Work is performed as-needed and billed at an hourly rate. Only time spent on the updates is billed, with a minimum time amount of 5 minutes.
  • Monthly fee | A customized, flat maintenance fee is billed each month, regardless of how much work is actually performed. Some months there may be more work and some months may be less, so it generally balances out.
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