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ByDesign understands that no matter how great the service may be, cost is still always the bottom line. For that reason, we strive to give each client the lowest price possible for their custom design needs. In fact, creating custom design work that meets your needs and your budget is our specialty.

offering the lowest possible quote for each individual creation requires a basic understanding of your needs. It's difficult to list fixed prices here since each design is unique. However, we also understand the frustration of not knowing how much a designer might charge, so here are a few general guidelines to help you out. Please remember, these are only rough estimates and are subject to change. Each project is considered individually and a larger simple site may cost the same as a smaller but more complex site. The best way to determine rates is to request a quote.

  • Small site: Custom look/feel, approx. 3-5 pages of text and/or images | $200 - $600
  • Medium site: Custom look/feel, approx. 5-10 pages, plus additional "out of the box" functionality such as a form, discussion board, photo gallery, limited PHP programming | $400 - $1000
  • Large site: Custom look/feel, 10+ pages, advanced features and functionality including fully customized features, advanced PHP programming, database and more | $800 - $2000 and up
  • Maintenance fees: As-needed basis | $30/hr. Customized monthly fixed-rate contracts are also available upon request.
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